I had

another lovely weekend.

Friday was my final day, and as it turned out my boss decided to close the office at 2 PM so it was actually only a half day of work. We had a nice lunch a few beers and then I went to Glasses man. We were going to Antwerp, Belgium for a night.  After checking in at the hotel we walked towards the restaurants and bars for dinner and drinks, to celebrate my survival of my 3 weeks of work! After dinner we went to a little bar where surprisingly you could smoke inside (as it turned out you can smoke in all bars in Antwerp) and had a beer.   We then went to this Jazz bar; Muze. It is located in an old building and has all these little stairs leading to little balconies of course loads of different beers and a live band.   We left the bar around 1 AM and went to another place for our last beer before heading back to the hotel. (Glasses man took this picture from our hotel room)

049On Saturday we walked around the city and I found the greatest shoes!!!  Shopping, like the food and beers in Antwerp is great and i can highly recommend spending a weekend there.

I am getting more and more excited about France, I am hoping to meet up with 2 Australian friends before going to Tours and then I will finally see where I will be spending the next year of my life! But before that I still have loads of things to do, finishing papers; reading up on neurogenesis and sorting out clothes to bring with me!

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