Goodbye’s Suck

I had my first REAL goodbye yesterday and it made me feel a little sad. Judith (pregnant friend) and Marcel will be leaving for their holiday just before I come back from Tours so I won’t be seeing them until December when I plan on catching the baby in the delivery room.   I hate saying goodbye and really prefer to pretend that I will seeing people in a week or so… Pretty LAME  I know but it helps me. So although my farewell tour has been a big success; Swiss was fantastic. I had a lovely dinner with an old high school friend and went to Utrecht with Joost and Femke from Maastricht uni. Yesterday was just a bit hard..Judith and I had a lovely dinner and reminisced about our very exciting partying years while we were still in high school. We were totally annoying at the time and only cared about ourselves and getting to the next party. And it was just weird that although this was like 15 yrs ago it sometimes feels like only yesterday and in only 15 yrs time her son or daughter might be the one going out all night.. I can get so nostalgic at times it is not even funny!!

Tonight I am going on a date, a friend of Conny whom I met when I was in Breda asked me out for dinner and of course I said yes; anything to not have to be at home in the evening!! And he is a really lovely and attractive guy not marriage material but a girl needs some fun now and then 🙂

I have yet to start my French for Dummies course; although when I see anything written in French I do try and translate it.

IMG_0025So after procrastinating for at least another hour, I will be start reading the first 2 chapters of my French book and of course listen to the CD.

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