Market debacle

Well maybe not really a disaster..

As I have mentioned before, on Saturday morning I ride my bike to Les Halles to do my fruit and veg shopping. This is a cute market in the old part of town. It has everything: Cheese, Meat, Bread, Jams and Fruit and Veg. From day 1 I have been going to the same people to buy my fruit and veg and became very friendly with one the guys that worked there, he spoke a bit of English and was always happy to help. He would pack my backpack for me and keep it in his stall if I needed to walk around and get other things.  Then before Xmas he was not working the Saturday market anymore.. I was a little upset but figured he would be back, but he never came back and suddenly this young dude M was helping me. He was nice too (not very good at packing my backpack, though). He did not speak any English, but was particularly interested in my marital status .. SO I told him I was single and then when he asked for my number I gave it  (I honestly don’t find him the slightest bit attractive). He called and I did not answer.. When I went back to the market, I LIED and said my phone had been stolen. He then gave me his number and told me to call him, which I didn’t.   And now I have not gone back to the market on Saturday, instead I found another market on Sunday and do my shopping there!!  I know it is ridiculous but I can’t help myself, I feel bad for even giving my number and then lying about the fact that my phone got stolen.. I mean really.  On the upside, the Sunday market is way bigger and even sells clothes, just have to be careful not to give out my phone number to anyone!!


I was sick last week, came down with the flu and spent 2 days in bed feeling sorry for myself.  Luckily it was just the flu since I still have to arrange my insurance.. The French health care system is really good.   They cover nearly everything from GP to dentist but you do have to send in the forms they request, something I have yet to do.  Very slack I know!!

This week I am back in the lab after finally submitting my 2 final papers from my PhD (it’s a joke I know) and one fellowship application.  All in all, even with my cold, quite a productive week!!  Fingers crossed that both papers get accepted and that I get through the first round of the fellowship application.  I am not very hopeful about the fellowship though, it is way more competitive than the Marie Curie and is totally based on molecular biology.. It is a good practice in fellowship writing skills and surprise surprise I actually quite enjoy writing them.  Luckily for me I get to write a few more in the next month; 1 for London and 2 for France!

I realised that I might be without a job by the 14th of  September if I don’t manage to secure any funding.. oh oh.  The thing is, I am not even that bothered with it.  Am I finally just accepting things without getting stressed? Who knows.. but it is nice to not worry about all these things.

I am slightly concerned about tomorrow:  I can finally start the second part of my experiment GREAT NEWS.. however the lab, as I mentioned,  is outside of Tours and I don’t have a car.  For the past meetings my boss has always driven there with me but now she is busy so I am taking her car for the afternoon!  I have printed out directions and luckily most of the driving is on a straight road and there  is plenty of parking at the new lab so the chances of me getting into an accident or losing my way are fairly small, but still it is her car!

And today for the first time in months I am hauling my fat backside to the gym.. the whole jeans debacle is still a debacle and I really need to get into shape not to mention that riding my bike up the hill has become harder and not easier!

So on that note, I am packing up my stuff and getting out of here!

And suddenly

after not attending French classes on Saturday for the past 6 weeks  (disgrace, I know) I am placed in the advanced class!  YAY for me!! Actually it was really hard since I had trouble understanding wtf was going on and I still don’t know why Beatrice (our teacher) moved me into the other class. I really enjoyed my old class since there were really lovely girls in there who were at about the same level of French as me. And now I am in a class with people who have been living in France for like 7589 years.. I have to admit that it does make me more motivated to improve and do home work in my free time.

Lab is great, I mean nothing has really changed except my attitude and it seems to have done the trick.   The stuff I ordered is coming in slowly, unfortunately for me I have no idea what the things I ordered are for; herring Sperm.. SERIOUSLY!??  Friday I am going back to other lab and hopefully they will be able to answer my questions.  The probe arrived which was another very exciting thing.. I had been waiting on it, expecting it to arrive in an eppendorf on dry ice or something instead I get an ENVELOPE with a piece of PAPER wrapped in SARAN.  I had no freaking idea what to do and of course no one was around to ask (not that anyone really knows much here anyway, but still). So I am running up and down the corridor with this piece of paper.. Luckily there is always Google and of course my favourite GEEK website IHC  I also sent out panick emails to the other lab (no response).  So I decided to just put the piece of paper back into the envelope and leave it in my desk drawer since according to the INTERWEB probes are stable for at least 15 days on paper.  That night I finally got a response from the other lab telling me what to do and in the morning I also emailed my friend in Holland.  He gave me all the answers.. the only slight problem.. There is nothing STERILE in this place and b/c of the refusal of our lab to actually have close contact with other labs on the campus I had to use my own little contact (Spanish girl I met ages ago) to get sterile water and eppendorfs.. So after scrambling around I FINALLY manged to store my probe the way it is supposed to be stored.

I also went to the phone shop, which was a bit of a joke but I think I can change my ‘forfait’ to a cheaper one, I just had to wait since after 3 days my details had not been entered into the system so will give it another try this week!