That is what I was and still am when I saw this:

My in situ worked, I realise that it has taken me 7 months to get it working and this is really only the half way step…. It was great being back at the other lab. I really do like it there and not just because of the great and cheap food.  All the people are really lovely too.

Performing the hybridization takes 2 days and on the first day I had to bring a million andone things to the lab. Looking at the protocol I figured it would take max. 2 hrs and I asked Bruno if he could drop me off. he did and said he would like to stick around and see how it all worked.  Unfortunately for him instead of taking 2 hrs we were there for about 5.. I felt really bad.  The next day I took the bus  since I knew I was going to be there the entire day.  Once again I thought it would only take me 6 hrs but instead it was more like 10 hrs.  And so I missed the bus.  Luckily one of the girls working in the lab was happy to drive me back to uni  (I had to pick up Tessa).   And then Arnaud and I went out for beers to celebrate my success.

Since my contract ends in September I now really have to work hard to finish my experiment and while I love going to the other lab it will save me a lot of time if I can perform everything here. I spoke to my boss and she is willing to buy equipment in order for me to do so.  In the mean time I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get a fellowship and I am also looking at other jobs just in case.

Crazy few weeks

It has been absolutely crazy at work. I spent the past 5 weeks running my experiments and not until last weekend did I have any time off.  Luckily for me it seems to have paid off, with my preliminary data being very promising.

This week I am going back to INRA and working on my in situ stuff some more.  I realised that although I think it is a fantastic lab, it would save me so much time to be able to do the experiments here. My boss was happy to spend some money on equipment and as far that I can tell we will only need a microwave and a water bath…But the first step is still to get the in situ to work!

I had my high school reunion on the weekend, it was weird being back. But really nice to the see the school again and walk around (hardly anything changed, except that they built a new library and removed the wooden shacks.)  It was funny to see how fast we all fell back into our old patterns: Standing in the same spot as we used to 15 yrs ago (Argh I am soo OLD)  being COOL… Anyway the weather was great, the beer cold and so by 9 PM I was tired and drunk and wanted nothing more than my bed (or my friends bed since I was spending the night with Juud).  Sunday I was back on the train to France..

Regarding my felloship applications well the news is not so great, or actually it is pretty CRAP:   I  did not get through the EMBO one, I expected as much,  but deep down I do hope for the best and the Fyssen one refused to even enter me into their application round since I already am a postdoc.  So I am waiting until the end of June to find out whether or not I will have money.

I did decide that if I am staying in France for another year, I am going to do an intensive French course over summer so that hopefully I will be more fluent next year.   The problem I have now is that every time I send off an application I get my hopes up to leave this lab and go to the UK… and so it is more like a temporary stop and I don’t really feel like putting too much effort into learning language etc.. This is stupid of course since I will most likely end up staying here for another 23 years..

Spring has definitely arrived here in France and I am enjoying the long days and the warmer temperatures, too bad there is no beach near by..