It has been a loooooooooong week

Lots has been happening here in France and somethings not as fun as others, but it seems that the not so fun things are resolving and I think that it will be back to relative normality soon.   Let’s just say there was a massive misunderstanding, people got upset and then there was a lot of tension.

On to the funnier things: GAY PRIDE PARADE. Having a quiet beer with a friend at the pub and suddenly there was music and people marching, not quite sure what was happening until I saw the rainbow flags, drag queens and bare chested men dancing.  There were about 50 people, ok maybe 100 but obviously nothing like Mardi Gras in Sydney. I had a wee dance and a big laugh, it was like the baby of parades just really cute and tiny and you could see that the people had tried but it was just not there YET.

She managed to climb onto the fountain and have a dance, then jumped down hopped back into the truck and drove off!

Working has been very rewarding and frustrating: Getting one thing to work and having another fail.. So today I am back trying to figure out WHY it just does not want to do what I do and hopefully get it to work.  I did nearly burn the lab down trying to improve my staining,  luckily I was pretty calm while my little experiment exploded in front of me!  OK I might have let out a wee scream, before diving in to save my slides.  It is pretty stressful working, knowing that in September it will all end and I need data before then! My boss is great though and trying very hard to find funding for me to stay a little longer.  I realise more and more that I do not want to be here for a long time.. I miss Sydney like crazy, every single day I wake up I thinking  about going home.  And obviously when shit hits the fan I miss it even more.  But having to chose between being without a job and staying here a few more months,  I am choosing to stay here if possible.  Need to look into the fact if I can get dole money or something, that would give me the opportunity to at least do some work in the lab and finish my experiments and not move back home immediately  if I do not find work before September.

Dad is doing a little better, but he still not well which sucks!  The good thing is he is not smoking any more so my mum is ecstatic, the bad thing is that he is not smoking anymore which makes me the BAD guy now!  Although when i am home I do not smoke too much and only outside..I know I need to stop.

Part of the Parade

It sucked and then I cried

Yesterday morning I got the email from the FRM informing me that they will not be giving me any money.  And it really sucked.  The crying came when my boss kept saying how sorry she was for me and how she really  wanted me to stay.   I am OK, or actually I am doing great.  At least now I know and can keep my eyes open for another job.  My boss is going to try to get some money from the industry so I can continue after September but who knows.  I never wanted to really stay, but now that my experiment is coming along and I can see it all falling into place I would really like to finish everything which unless a miraculously there are no glitches is not really possible in the time frame I have!

My boss is not someone who ever tells you what to do.  But she does make it clear what she wants.  In my case I have 2 experiments I am working on.   One of them is really straightforward and one that I can finish within the time frame. The other one, the original one, is a lot more challenging and I am not convinced (yet) I will be able to finish in 3 months (and this is excluding the paper writing).  I would like to at least get one publication out this year and think that if I focus on experiment 2 I can, however she made it pretty clear that she wants me on the original project. While this is the most interesting one, I hope it does not blow up in my face and I end up with nothing.  I am sticking to my original plan which is work like a maniac on Project 1 until the first of June,  if it is a total failure I will focus on the second experiment and if it is a success I will keep on at it.

In totally different news that also SUCKED and made me upset; my Dad was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago. He was really sick and spent some time in the ICU, which was pretty stressful not only for me but for my mum also. Luckily he is a trooper and is now back home trying to gain some weight (he lost 10 kg and is pretty skinny as it is) and strength.  He is of course happy to be at home and I think that he finally has realised that it is OK to go to the doctor when he feels sick.

I also had another birthday, this time in France and this year it did not end with me spending the night at a strangers house.  All the people from the lab came over for drinks and food and it was pretty subdued  but fun. The Frenchies lover their alcohol and so do I.  I was initially planning on going out for a dance but that never happened.  Everyone left around 3 AM and drunk me surprised hungover me by cleaning the whole apartment at 3 in the morning. It was a great and total surprise to wake up with a massive hangover and realise that there was no cleaning to be done!!!  And seriously cleaning the toilet/kitchen/ lounge room while drunk is quite funny!

So that is all for now, need to get back to work!

Passive aggressive?

I live in old house that has been converted into  2 apartments.  My apartment is on the top floor and the other apartment is on the first floor. The ground floor has 1 studio, but has always been empty.   The first few months I was living all by myself and  then I the new couple moved in.  They seemed very nice although my first impression of the dude was that he was a bit of a stickler for rules and wants things done  a certain way.  We have a shared basement that I basically used to chuck all the packaging from my furniture in, the basement is HUGE.  After introducing myself he wanted to know what to do with the basement and made me come down stairs with him to check it out.  Although the cardboard there was mine, I had put it together in a corner.  He needed to know exactly how much of the space I was planning on using etc. Once I told him that I was not planning on using it at all (except for the cardboard stuff) he seemed pleased.  I have not been down there since so have no idea if they are actually using it.  I bumped into him a few days later when he said they were planning on inviting me for a drink, but had been really busy and would invite me over soon. GREAT,  until that weekend, they had a party and when I got home at 3 AM the music was blasting through their speakers into my bedroom. I waited for another hour but then went downstairs and asked them if they could turn it down a little.  They did and ever since then, even when they have people over the music is ALWAYS turned down by 10 PM.  FANTASTIC although I never was invited for said drink.

So the other day this appears on our doorbell:

Basically because other people lived in our apartments before us, we occasionally receive mail for these people. The note says that besides us there are no other people living here.  I did not think too much of it except: WHO CARES that we get mail addressed to other people.  Not even one week later the following is stuck next to our mailbox:

I nearly pissed myself laughing since it is obviously a major problem for him to receive mail for other people even it is only once every 3 months..