Another fellowship

application done!! It feels good to have submitted the thing it does not feel so good to have to wait another 4 months before I get the outcome.

I have still not heard from the Swiss man and am starting to doubt he will get back to me.. ah well, just not meant to be I guess. I did however, after encouragement from Lozzie, email a dude at UNSW.  He did respond and was pretty positive, his money is tied up but he was willing to see if he could find some funds somewhere.. I will definitely meet up with him once I am in Sydney.   And on that note I have now booked complete trip!! Mum got me a return ticket Paris-Singapore with her frequent flyer miles and I booked my Sinapore-Sydney tickets last week!! I am really looking forward to going back and catching up with everyone. Hopefully besides the UNSW meeting I will be able to meet up with few more potential bosses.

Work is coming along, although of course I am still having trouble with my immunohistochemistry. I have mainly focused on my second project since my student has to do a poster presentation in 2 weeks time.  The lab has been deader than dead but I think that by next week more people will return.

Running has been pretty good, I have managed to go 3 times a week and although I do struggle to get going, once I do it is great!! This weekend I am doing my first 15 km run including a massive hill. The race we are running in September also has a hill and I figured it would be good to incorporate a hill into my training.

Things are pretty boring and I really miss have good friends near by.  However in a few weeks I am going home for a few days, catching up with Judith and her baby and spending the weekend in Antwerpen with Conny and her GF. Last year we went to Laundry day and had a blast so this year we decided to go too.  It has been ages since I had a dance so am really looking forward to it.

1 thought on “Another fellowship

  1. He Peet, this is the tipical swiss mentatllity, slow and not very reactive. It is normal that you did not get a response yet, you need to chase if you want to get an answer… Anyway great you planned your trip to Sydney!!! Good luck with job hunting. I will call you soon! x F.

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