New job?

In the past week I applied for another job in Swiss land, this time in Lausanne and this time I actually did get a response (within 2 days).  Day after tomorrow we are having a first meeting over Skype and then hopefully she will invite me to come and visit the lab which means I can go and see Fleur and HJ while I am there.  I am not 100% sure it is the job I want, it is pretty similar to the work I do here, however the focus is a lot more on memory and cognitive processes.

I was also told about a position opening up in a lab in Sydney and sent my CV to the PI.  As it turns out I will have to do my interview at the airport since the day that I arrive it the day the PI is flying out.   I think that it would not be wise to take  sleeping tablets, since they make me really groggy for a long time and I would hate to fall a sleep while talking to a potential boss.

Of course there is always the bad news, or not so good news,  this morning I got an email that I would not be able to apply for the usyd fellowship. I did think that would be the case since my PhD supervisor had already mentioned how competitive it is and that I would be up against people with Nature and Science papers and while I do have a few publications none of them are even close to Nature/ Science level (not to worry besides winning a Nobel prize, having my work accepted into Science is one of my main goals. Also I am pretty sure that to get the Nobel prize I probably need that Science paper, it kinda goes hand in hand).

Holidays are over and YAY for me my bestie is also back in the lab, and NO things have not changed.. Just a few more weeks and then I will be away for my holidays though. For now I am ignoring the whole situation and being overly friendly and as far as I am aware she is also looking for another job so fingers crossed that both her and I find something soon! (Oh I just thought of a hilarious scenario, I would not be surprised if she applied for the same position in Swiss land.. the lab has 2 positions open so we might end up there together).

I am positive that I will find a new job somewhere.  My number 1 is still Peter’s laboratory followed closely by going back Sydney (doing basically whatever) and finally  finding my dream job wherever in the world (but it has to be my DREAM job) and yes I would even consider staying in French land.

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