Back from the neurogenesis conference in Bordeaux.  It was very interesting  and has gotten me more excited to do some work. The meeting was pretty small, about 60 people. But the speakers were interesting and being such a small meeting meant that there was a lot more discussing going on. I initially applied to do a poster, but was contacted and asked if I was willing to give a talk, I said yes.   After hearing the first guy speak I  started to freak out, I was soooo out of my league it was not even funny!!  And this feeling continued throughout the first day (it did not help that I still had heaps of work to do on my presentation).  So that evening instead of going for the dinner I went back to my hotel and worked on my talk.  The hotel that I was staying in had given me this MASSIVE room, actually it was more like an apartment, to stay in. I was on the top floor and had 2 bedrooms, a lounge room, a kitchen and bathroom. It was not the cheapest place but I had such a hard time finding a room that when I finally got a positive response I said yes!

The next day I had to give my talk ( I slept for about 4 hrs) and was so unbelievably nervous it was not even funny. I could not even focus on the the talks before mine which sucked since they too were very interesting.  Then it was my turn and it was a bit of disaster, my voice was breaking and I my mouth dry.. it was horrible!! I managed to get through the whole thing, but seriously the worse 20 min of my life.  Luckily I got easy questions and managed to answer them..

After the lunch break there were more talks and one of them was from Piazza.. oh man did he give a talk.. I know his work from addiction stuff but had never seen him speak before.  He openly attacked my boss,  he put up one of her papers and said it was bullshit because there are no models for depression and just went on and on. I was not sitting next to her but was hoping she would say something during question time.. she did not (neither did I) . When I spoke to her after she said that this is what he does, he likes to cause a stir and he only enjoys it more if people engage.. I just thought it was rude and out of line to attack someone like that ESPECIALLY since that paper never once mentioned a link between neurogenesis and depression!!  Anyhoow it definitely woke me up for the last 2 talks.

I am counting down the days before I go on my Holiday.. just 22 to go!!

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