Surfing, job and decisions

After my very relaxing hotel stay I went to Jane’s. As I mentioned, she was kind enough to let me stay in her bed while she and the dogs slept in the lounge room. The first night went really well, but the second night (after coming home after a night out) the dogs were obviously upset with me and showed that by peeing on my bed!!!!!!!!!!!! I was of course furious, but also felt bad since we had not taken the dogs for a walk before we left.. after changing the bed sheets and txting Jane I did manage to get some sleep. Sunday I went  to Manly to meet up with Lauren and Nick and Joel. It was great! I love taking the ferry and the weather was amazing.  Sunday night was my last night at Jane’s it was time to stay at Aurelie and Jono in Rose bay.  They do not have any pets + I got my own room and much like me they love to watch crappy tv and go to bed early.  It was like coming home…   I got to go the beach in the morning with Jono and then come home and do whatever (mainly still catching up with people).  And I even got surf lessons from J.  It was really really fun and I decided that I will definitely continue when I move back.  I was not as natural as I had hoped, especially the paddling.. Most of the time Jono would push me onto the waves and in the end I used body boarding technique to get me going (i.e. I was in shallow water and jumped onto the wave).  Also the standing up part is a lot harder than I thought.

I also met up with my old supervisors and had wonderful chats about my plans.  As it turns out I can come back to Sydney and work on GABA stuff and while it is not my dream job, I will take it seeing as I have such a great support system in Sydney and an awesome scientific network!   I will find out in 2 weeks how I did with my fellowship and then make my final decision.

Now I am back in France and am working really hard on finishing as much as I can. I have 4 more weeks until Xmas break and then another 4 before the end of January when my lease will end.   Regardless of where I will be living next year, I will go back to Holland and stay with mum and dad until everything is sorted (visa for Sydney/place to live if I go to London).  So once again exciting times ahead…



I am HOME!!!  It has been amazing, despite the weather being shit.   The past week I have managed to catch up with most people and have been having a blast.   My initial plan was to “couch surf” for the duration of my stay and not overstay my welcome by just staying at one place for the whole 2,5 weeks. I forgot to take into consideration, my oh so fussy nature when it comes to sleeping.. The first 4 days I stayed at Leo’s which was awesome (I had my own room). Then I went and stayed at Hagen’s, he forgot to mention that there were 3 other people staying at his place, there would be NO privacy since the place he lives in is a warehouse and consists of massive open spaces  and the toilet was broken.  I was soooo tired from big nights out and too much alcohol, that all I wanted was to SLEEP.  But that did not really happen.. So after another night where I woke up on a deflated air mattress, freezing my arse off and a dog in my face I had had enough and went and stayed at a hotel!!! I know I suck, but it was just too much because I was so tired!  So here I am spending 3 nights in a hotel before moving onto my next “couch”. Jane’s this time, luckily she totally knows what I am like and has promised to keep the dogs out of my bed!  Will see how it goes, but am positive that I will manage to last at least a few nights.

In other and probably more exciting news.. I went and had a meeting at UNSW, it went pretty well (despite me only having 3 hrs sleep the night before.). I saw the labs and chatted to two people whom are looking to employ someone.   The next morning after my run I decided that if I do get offered the job I will take it!   Unless I get a fellowship to go to London. I figured that if I can not get my dream job (London), I am better off being happy living somewhere I love, surrounded by awesome people than being somewhere in Europe depressed.  At least here I have a social life…

And here is another reason for me to want to move back: