Yep I am back in Holland with Mum and Dad.. and after having a really lovely 2 last weeks in France it kinda sucks being home.  Although of course I am happy that  I get to spend time with friends here.   Dropped Mum to the airport this morning, she is going to Sydney.. I will have to wait until I hear something from immigration/ HR regarding my visa.

I did speak to my new boss and asked her whether it would be possible for me to go to Denmark (she collaborates with people there) and do some work.. I mean it beats sitting at home. I hope it will work out, I am definitely going to the Max Planck Institute  in Munich at the end of Feb, which I think is going to be AWESOME!!  I will stay for 2 weeks and hope to spend some time checking out the sites, drinking beer and eating sausages (or whatever they eat in Munich) besides helping out with the experiments.  And then ofcourse I want to spend some time in France with Y. It even shocks me to think that I actually want to go back to Tours, obviously not because I love the place. I will def be going back for a weekend to pick up stuff, but Mum will be with me too.  Not that it seems to be a big deal since I have already met Y’s mum so it is only fair that he meets mine. I think Mum is really relieved that I have found someone and especially someone who is doing a PhD (she is a total intellectualist,  if the person that I am seeing has anything less than uni degree they are not worth it, RETARDED I know!) .

For now though I need to fill my days with stuff to do and it is rather hard, I am in two minds whether I should focus on my future job, work on French stuff or just do whatever..

I also stopped smoking since I have been back and it is really really HARD!  Much harder than I thought it would be, but am sticking with it this time!

Will be sticking

with Research since I  have realised that my selling/negotiating skills are ZERO.  I mean I really do try, but end up selling my stuff for such cheap prizes it is a JOKE.  And yet I have not managed to sell my table, desk and coffee machine.. but will work on that this week!

I started this post a while ago and am only now updating it. Lots of really nice things have happened since.  I have actually sold my table, this morning, while I was cleaning my apartment. Moved out all my stuff on Sunday and have been staying with my new French boyfriend.. Oh  yes, have met someone of course right at the end of stay here.  It has definitely made the past few weeks a lot more fun.   In a way it kinda sucks that we only just met, but I am just enjoying our time together  and not thinking too much about what will happen when I leave (only a few more days to go.)

Tomorrow I am having farewell drinks at the lab. Have not done any work while I have been back, well hardly anything,  I did try and teach a student to do the immuno on slides, but seeing that he is a psychology student who has never ever held a pipette in his life, it was rather painful and I quickly informed my boss that while he is a great person, there is no way that he would be able to perform the experiment by himself. That and the fact that nothing is really working either.  Currently I am trying to get my boss to give me money to go to the Max Planck Institure in Munich (Germany) where the second (initially unplanned) part of my experiment will take place.  I hope it will work out seeing as I have yet to hear from Australia about my visa. At the moment all I know is that the HR department is looking into the forms.. but who knows how long it will take to get processed.  And while I love mum and dad, I really do not want to spend too much time at home.  I have also asked my friends to look out for any random jobs in Holland, but with the economic climate still being the way it is, I doubt I will be able to find anything.

OK time for some dinner and wine!

If the first day

of 2011 is any indication on how the rest of the year will go I am in TROUBLE!!

Conny and her GF, Denise came and picked me up on the 31st evening. We were staying at another friends house in Breda. This time were not going to a typical ‘dance party’ but we had tickets for a 80’s/90’s party. I had no idea what to expect and when we arrived around 11 I was shocked to say the least.  The people standing in front of us to get in were at least 50!  I did not know what to think. Denise was already having a ball, while Conny and I were just standing at the bar looking at all these (in our eyes) old and crazy people.  We were planning our escape, but decided to stick it out at least until the other people from our group would get there.  Of course we ended up having a great time and left only when the bouncers asked us to go (around 6 AM). Getting back home was fine but sleeping was hard! Since we were sleeping in the lounge room, we also had to deal with other people still visiting so before  they left it was 9 AM and then I think I slept for 2 hrs when I woke up super nauseous and spewed.  Unfortunately for me that was the beginning of the end and from 11 until 15 I just spewed every few minutes. It was horrendous, especially since I had to get on the train and go home.. On the drive back from the station I had to pull over twice and when I got home I was convinced I was going to die… I crawled into bed (with my mum telling me that I should never ever drink again and how it was all my own fault) and slept the whole afternoon.  Once I woke up at 6PM I was feeling a whole lot better and was even hungry!!   But the first few hours of 1-1-11 were Horrible.

I am just about to pack up my stuff and go back to France, unfortunately for me,  my little plan of Conny  and Denise picking up my stuff totally failed because of the shitty weather. So will either need to send the boxes by mail or mum and a friend will come down and pick it up!