Reading back

through old post, I realise how much I actually CRAP ON about nothing really.. well here is another post that follows this theme exactly..

I am in MUNICH!  I arrived yesterday afternoon and it is FREEZING.  I mean literally freezing. There is even SNOW.  Today and tomorrow I will be in the lab helping out with some experiments, not too sure what is going on next week but hopefully I will be able to spend some time exploring the city and catching up on sleep.

Spent the past 5 days at Y’s place and it was great, but we don’t seem to get more than 4-5 hrs of sleep a night and that is no where near enough for me.  But last night I managed to sleep for 10hrs, so if I can keep this up then I will be fine by the time I get back to France.  And I am hopeful we can find a sleep schedule that works for the both of us.

We discussed a little about what is in our future and while I realise that it is necessary, it is pretty upsetting to me.  It makes me really sad knowing that once I am in Sydney we wont be able to see each other as much/hardly at all.  He is going to Canada for a holiday in august and I am super happy for him but would of course prefer him to come to Sydney instead.  Who knows, I still have no news from Sydney so I might still be in France.. I did email my new boss today just to check if there was any news. And being in Munich has made a little more motivated to actually do some SCIENCE. So have decided to actually start working on a review (one that was planned to be done at the end of my PhD).  I figure it will get me be back acquainted with my GHB work and also updated on the latest research!

On that note, I should start a Pubmed Search


Last night, after a very fun filled weekend, I realised that things have changed in a big way in a very short time frame.  And honestly it is freaking me out.  I went from hating everything in France and just wanting to leave to not actually caring whether or not I get my visa.. Or at least secretly hoping that it will take a while to get sorted.   Realising that if Y and I had met sooner I would probably would have continued to look for a job in Europe, and not gone back to Sydney.  I never thought I would be ‘that person’ , the one who doubts moving somewhere because of a relationship.  It is not that I don’t want to go anymore, it is just that I would prefer if we could go together. And there is the non-stop talking (I never understood how 2 people could just talk All. The. Time) and here we are doing exactly that. I mean really… It is just the weirdest experience seeing myself do all the things I used to frown upon and enjoying every second of it.

We count down the days until we will see each other, send lame txt messages, gchat, skypechat, whatsup chat it is soo sappy it makes me want to gag (but not really, cause I hate not hearing from him) and then we talk every.single.night for at least 1,5 hrs.  I guess it is good sign that we are not yet bored of each other and still have stuff to talk about. And of course maybe once I am actually back staying with him it might be a little different.  For now though, we have a pretty good schedule so that we are not together without a break for too long: this weekend I will be there, then back home for a few days. Then 5 days in France, 2 weeks in Munich and back to France for probably a week or so and a few days after that Y will come to Holland for 5 days. Where he will take me to Amsterdam, seeing as he lived there and I will be taking him to Maastricht and in between we will see the farm, some friends and surroundings.  After the Dutch Tour I am not sure what will happen, I think that by then I should at least have some news from Sydney so will base any decision on that!