It is

time to move!!!

Well in 2 days to be exact and I could not be happier!  My flatmate S has been ripping me off for quite some time (rent wise) and the lies just keep on coming. It sucks since I actually did like her and I kinda feel like an ass for believing everything she said before I caught her lying..

I dont think I will ever know the truth and I am trying to play nice until I get my bond back (another long and winding discussion going from ” you need the money for the baby, lets be friends to I need you to pay another week’s rent”).  Anyway Saturday morning J and P will come over and give me a hand to move my stuff, which for the moment is very little.. The main thing is my bed and a set of drawers, besides some clothes and books.

So nothing at all as the picture!  It will just be a few shopping bags with books and crap and a suitcase.


In Baby news:  All seems to be going well. I am getting a bit fatter, although I am never sure if it is because I am eating too much OR the baby.  Feel a lot better than I did a few weeks ago and my boobs  oh my boobs.. I finally have decent cleavage and totally love trying on my bra’s knowing they wont fit!!!  I really should go out and buy some new ones but it seems like such a waste of money since I wont be able to fit in them in a few weeks time… Maybe some el cheapo ones from Best and less or Kmart..


And that is about all the news for now!




And now it is a


It was the most amazing thing to see that our DUCK  is looking like a little baby. Had my Nuchal Translucency scan on Friday and it was really great.  I think that these days it is pretty standard to have this screening test done,  for most people it is their first chance of seeing the baby.   My friend A who is 26 weeks preggo came along for the ride..

I usually dont drink as much as I am supposed to and for the first two scans this was fine, but this time I was caught red handed.. the very nice sonographer actually checked my bladder and was all oh there is only 40 ml in here you need to go and drink more.. Bubbles was in a weird position and it was too hard to get any measurements.. he/she was moving around heaps, which is really surreal since I obviously dont feel any movements yet. Back in the waiting room I was forcing myself to drink more and not pee in my pants. After 30 min we could go back in and have another look and start the measurements. It was so so cool.

The sonographer was lovely and explained everything I asked.  It is a bit hard to see the screen since it is mainly facing her and not me, but she gave me  a lot of time at the end to just have a look at Bubbles.. He/she though had enough and decided it was time to face away from us.  I was told that the results would be available in a few days.  After seeing Bubbles and realising that all was well (the sonographer, was really reassuring and while it is not her job, told me that Bubbles looked great, the nuchal fold was fine and there was nothing to be concerned about). I was happy and sad at the same time.  This was really a time where Y should have been there and of course having A there was wonderful but it kinda made me realise that it can be quite lonely to have to go through this alone.

The worst part was that could not even get a hold of him and while I knew he was having a party it just felt that it was all me.  And that I have to do everything myself, while he gets to be miles away  having fun and not having any of the responsibilities.  I understand that he has a life outside this whole baby thing and I don’t expect him to sit at home doing nothing, I just had hoped that he would have taken into consideration that I was having the scan and that I would be contacting him.

We are still without a solution for the whole what is going to happen when the baby is here… I have a feeling that he does not realise that he needs to find a job. I did tell him that when I come for visit I will need answers or a plan or something.

I  decided yesterday that I am moving house. My friend T was looking for a flatmate and  I went over and had a visit and loved it!!! So much nicer than where I am now but the best thing about it, the rent is 80 dollars / week cheaper.  I am so excited and hope to move in by the start of August!  The other good thing, I will be able to take over the lease in January if I need/want!!






Feeling even

better.  I am now 11 weeks and a few days pregnant and while I never really had many symptoms I am feeling so much better at the moment!  It is crazy, I am less tired, not at all even the slightest bit sick and am enjoying riding my bike and actually doing stuff.

S, my flatmate got back from her holiday yesterday and after a brief chat to her, it made me realise that I should be looking for my own place… I mean she is really lovely but I doubt she wants to share with me, a baby and possibly Y… (STILL NO IDEA what is happening there). To me it all seems pretty logical… He is currently stuck in a pretty crap lab where he has been “doing” his PhD for the past year, EXCEPT he has not been doing anything.. This is not his fault, but a result of major  equipment problems… so for the past 12 months he is been going to the lab and working on  papers from other labs etc, but not really anything that will contribute to his actual PhD work.  I am currently earning a good salary, more than enough to support me, the baby and him BUT when I go on maternity leave I wont be getting anything and while money is not really an issue (I have savings) I do feel that Y should take some responsibility here and help me financially but on his salary there is no way he could support all three of us.. so regardless of whether I go back to Europe or he comes here, he will need to get a temporary job until I am back working again… I have a feeling he does no realise this (yet).   And that might be my fault, since I am not always good at expressing what I mean.   In my eyes it therefore comes down to this:  the sooner he realises that he is stuck in a shit lab, with a shit supervisor and he needs to get job regardless, the better. If he wants to come here it will be awesome, he can work with the top person in his field AND NOT have shitty equipment problems. It still means that he will have to work (as a research assistant) for a wee while, but then I will be able to support him while he does his PhD and more importantly we will be together!!!

Everyone tells me to be patient and that things will work out, but after talking to S I suddenly felt that if I am moving I am better off moving sooner rather than later.  And if we do decide to stay here should I look for a 2 bedroom place??  I guess that for now I am going to wait and see at least for the next few weeks and hopefully something will happen that will make it more clear as to what we need to do.  Looking forward to tomorrow since I am having another ultrasound!!

And then I

was alone again..  Y left yesterday and it SUCKS.  We had a great time, well once he got used to the it is 5 PM, please dont talk to me and dont you dare touch me mood. Which was nicely balanced with the 6 AM, I need to have sex now mood.. Ah the joys of pregnancy hormones…

We went to the Mountains for a few days which was really nice, I love Sydney and I love the beaches, but the change of scenery and the fresh air were awesome. We went on a few hikes and really just enjoyed being outside. 

We stayed at the cutest little cottage in Blackheath  (  Besides the Blue mountains, we did not do very much, I was working (well at least for a few days) and Y had meetings with different people and a presentation to give.

We are still without a solution for this long-distance bullshit but am hopeful we will be able to agree on something sooner rather than later.   The thought of him missing out on his baby growing up and me being a single mum because he is in France and I am here breaks my heart and saying goodbye yesterday was hard not just because  he was leaving, but because I am not sure if he will be back for more than just a month.