A few days late

but here is 17 WEEKS..

 And yes a little bigger too.. I still technically fit into 2 pairs of jeans, however due to the extremely high quality of these pants (NOT) I can not wear them since they have holes in them.  So officially it is just 1 pair that are really too tight the other two are unwearable because of the holes. So now I really am down to leggings and Fat pants.

This week has been extremely busy as in working 11 hr days for the past 6 days and before that a ‘normal’ week.  I just hope it will all be worth it!  Have another 5 ones to go, but today I am staying at home, since even when I want to leave early I always end up getting sucked into a meeting and not getting out before 6 PM,which when you get in at 7 AM, is rather late.

Y is still travelling, but this time round we have managed to stay in touch every day and with my crazy schedule time has actually been going faster. A few more days until he is back and a 3 more weeks until we see each other again.

Went to the doc’s for a check up and all was good, we tried to find Bubbles’ heartbeat but  he/she was moving heaps so that did not really work.  And as for the he/she thing.. will find that out next week… Actually, since Y is not here, I decided after talking to G, that it would actually  be nicer to find out together. So I have made a little plan: I will ask the sonographer to tell my friend Jane and then when I am back in Holland with Y, she can send us an email with the sex.  I am still convinced it is a boy, Y thinks it is a girl and so does G.   Will see in a few weeks!!



16 weeks

And while in the morning when I am just out of bed everything seems relatively normal and my belly kinda cute.. throughout the day it just expands.. I reckon it is bloating and food…

 This past week has been really hard on me.  I miss Y like crazy and feel very alone. Not being able to communicate with him has been harder than I expected it to be.  And the fact that it does sometimes feel that he chose a holiday above us makes it harder.  I also realised that I do not want to have a long distance relationship anymore. I would resign today if it means we can be together. Obviously we need to discuss this when I am home and figure out what the best options are for all of us.

My mum and most likely my dad are going to be here when Bubbles is due, which ROCKS!  I did not think they would be able come because my dad is pretty unwell and flying for 2345 hrs is not something he really wants/can do.  Last week he made it very clear to my mum that he is going to come if it is possible with his health if not, mum will be there anyway!

One of my dearest friends F just gave birth to her beautiful son M!   About a week after she emailed me.. and then it hit me how different the ideas are around having a baby here and in Holland.  In Australia all I hear is that when the baby is born.. the first six weeks you don’t even have time to have a shower let alone do any housework or see friends. And I was starting to believe this, thinking that all I would be doing was feeding the baby and trying to get  some sleep.  After reading F’s email I realised that my friends in Holland were not at all like that.. their husbands are often only home for 2-3 days after the birth. They have people coming over to see the baby and they manage to do laundry, cook dinner, entertain and look after their child. Here I find that people act as if no one has ever had a child before. I feel the same way about how they go about having babies in hospitals..WHY if you are healthy and your baby is healthy do you want to give birth in a place that is there for sick people? It baffles me, unfortunately I dont have much of a choice… I have yet to hear from the Birth Centre and highly doubt I will be able to give birth there so the Yucky Hospital it is.

I have decided to try and take the Dutch approach to everything.. I am having a baby, yes and it is wonderful and special but I am not the first nor the last woman to do this and the majority seems to be able to cope with having a child and keeping their life going so I will try my hardest too.




15 Weeks

And a little bigger too!   Although I still manage to fit into my jeans, my goal is to  last at least another week or so.. hopefully 2 before moving to maternity wear.

  I bought a breastfeeding bra the other day.. it is very cute and pink and comfortable, no need to wear it yet though.. I think I am going to stick with my cheap sports tops although I do need to go a size up, not a cup size but a circumference size unfortunately

Y has been travelling through Canada and it has been pretty tough. We hardly get to to speak since he is camping or on the road without the internets and with the time difference even when he does have a connection it still does not always work out!  Good thing we can txt. I get extremely worried though and this has started ever since I found out I was pregnant.  When I dont hear from him, when I expect I should, I immediately imagine the worst things. I have never been like this and I know it is crazy and stupid yet I can not help it. So since he has been in Canada he has had about 5 car accidents, been attacked by a bear and gotten mugged.. Gotta love my imagination.

Work is keeping me relatively busy which has been good and it is only going to get worse until I go to Europe.  As long as stuff is working and I can be in the lab I am happy.

There is not much else going on….




Ever since the start of the pregnancy my boobs have been changing.. and this morning I noticed that I am no longer able to suck in my tummy…   I do know I have been eating been more.. but I am really pretty convinced this is Bubbles and not just

 my eating habits.  PLUS  I have been watching what I am eating and riding my bike…  This is at exactly 14 weeks.. I am going to try and take a pic every week. This was more Y’a idea than mine since he asked me to send him a belly pic each week.

I am still fitting in my jeans, but can’t say they are very comfortable.. I dont know why I am so hesitant to buy maternity clothes.. I think it just feels like a waste of money.  Am going to try and keep wearing my old pants for another 1-2 weeks  (And by wearing,  I totally mean.. fly and top button undone of course) and then I think it is time for MATERNITY PANTS..

Move to my new house went well although by the end of the day I thought I was going to die… The place is really a million times nicer  than my old place and obviously T is a more than a million times nicer than my old flatmate.    And even better, it now only takes me 30 min to get to uni instead of 40-45… The hill is half as steep and half as long, so instead of arriving all puffed and a little sweaty I now get to uni pretty fresh (dont worry I do get changed!).