30 weeks

and counting… Had a week from hell with the move and the SHOPPING. Y and I both hate shopping with a passion so having to spend about 4 days in malls and even a trip to IKEA nearly killed us.. In the end it all worked out cause we are mostly done. We just need a few more baby things..  I have had about 40 break downs where I start crying for no real reason at all (AWESOME)  I feel like I am the size of the house and that is only going to get worse but the most important thing is that Bubbles is doing AWESOME. She is growing, has decided that head down is her preferred position and is punching and kicking away.. I have no diabetes and no anaemia (YAY!!)

Am back at work for the next 4 weeks and then it is XMAS break and I start my maternity leave, although I have still not heard from HR… Have one more experiment to do which will start next week.  I have help from a really lovely Danish PhD student who is also really competent so am not too worried. Plus while it does require some hard work, I can do most of it sitting down!!

Sleep is getting harder harder.. so is walking by the way, but bike riding (because my weight is supported) is fine and swimming (although I have not been for ages) should be OK too.

I think I am mainly concerned about Y and how it will go… I want him to be happy here and be able to enjoy the things that I love about Sydney but at the moment I really suck at being able to do stuff besides being tired..

Hopefully this weekend he will be able to hang out with some non-pregnant people and have a few beers!



It seems that

I wear the same undies on the same day every week. They are clean and it was a total coincidence. All is still well, Bubbles is getting bigger moving around heaps and I am doing fine.  Sleep is getting a bit harder since it is getting hotter and I have yet to buy a fan.  But other than that all is a OK.

Just a few more days hours and Y gets here, I am extremely excited and can not wait to see him!!  His job is starting a week after he arrives, so we have one week to get everything organised and spend lots of time together before we are both back at work (me only for a few weeks)

Had my Glucose tolerance test yesterday   last week  it basically meant not eating for 12 hrs (overnight) then drinking a drink with lots of glucose and sit in the waiting room for 2 hrs.  It made me feel pretty nauseous and very sleepy. But the latter might have been because of my awful nights of trying to sleep.  Will get the results soon and hope all is well.

(I really need to finish posts when I start them.. All the above was written over the past week).

There really is not much going on at the moment. I think that once we are settled into our new house and have the internets I will be able to update more regularly.  The one thing I can say, knowing that I wont be alone is such an awesome feeling.  I am already  relaxing and sleeping better knowing that it is not just me having to organise everything but I can ask Y to help with shit.


Third trimester

has officially started!! It is pretty exciting and scary since I feel a little unprepared.   In a few weeks we will be going to “calmbirth” classes.  Not too sure what to expect but it was recommended by L and unlike the other classes I think it just focuses on giving birth and not so much on how to change a diaper (which is actually something I will need to learn, but am hoping that I can get some practice with L’s baby!).  The main thing is that I feel that once we move, we can really get ready for Bubbles’ arrival.

I also went to the new Hospital and I really preferred it to the other one. I think because the woman’s and baby’s part is really new and not so dirty as the other hospital and coincidentally the architect who designed it is the dad of one of the students in my lab. The Midwife was a bit odd so when she asked me what day I wanted to come I quickly said Wednesday since she had mentioned that she was only there on Mon and Friday.   I don’t have to go back until the end of November though. In the meantime I do have a glucose test at my GP’s and then another appointment to discuss the results. I am a little worried about the Glucose test,  because of my heritage I am in a high risk group and the normal procedure would have been to do a test earlier, but that never happened. I did not think too much about it until  I heard from another doctor that there are no real symptoms when you have gestational diabetes.  Fingers crossed it is all fine, I am pretty healthy when it comes to diet and I still do my exercise.

Work has been awesome, I am analysing my data and working on the grant and am enjoying both.  Next week a PhD student from Denmark will arrive who will be taking over from me when I am on leave (as it turns out I will basically be on leave from the 16th of December, because uni closes over Xmas and New Year).  And I am also trying to work out my French data, while it definitely wont be a very cool paper, it will be another publication and hopefully I will get it done before Bubbles arrives.