It has been a while

Bubbles is still in Utero.. but she is getting mighty big! I am now nearly 35 weeks and look as if I have swallowed 2 watermelons!  And my belly button is now definitely an outie.

Can hardly believe that another year has passed and it has been one crazy ride.. falling in love, finding out we were having a baby and now to top it all off: Y decided that it was time to make an honest woman out of me so we are also getting MARRIED!!!  For now we are just doing the el cheapo super tacky registry wedding and once Bubbles is out and I can drink we will organise a proper party.

Work has kinda finished, I am still mounting brains at home and will need to go in one or two days in the new year but then it will all be done!  And I can focus on relaxing and doing my breathing exercises.  We went on a “hospital tour” and I hated it.  The rooms are disgusting and it just feels so wrong to have to be in a hospital to give birth.. I am pretty sure that I will need all calmbirth tools to stay sane. The hospital does offer a quick discharge programme and I am really tempted to take it. The only thing is that you then only get a midwife come for 1 hr (if that) a day  instead of being able to constantly press the buzzer and get someone to help. Will see in what kind of room I end up after giving birth, if we are lucky we might get a single room, although the chances are small since I am in the public system.  And who knows maybe the whole process of having a baby makes you kinda forget that you are in shitty environment.

Xmas will be a quiet one although we have enough food to feed an army. It will just be Y, a friend from the lab and I..  I am going to try and make a cake today… will let you know how that disaster turns out or may turn into  a more positive surprise, in which case I will definitely start a bakery.