knitting the new


So here is something that has recently resurfaced.. KNITTING!!  I started knitting a few years ago but never managed to get much further than a few scarves, granted I did make some pretty funky ones for my friends.  And then when I found out I was pregnant I started again, a jumper, but that never really got finished since I made a few (big) mistakes.

After talking to Y’s mum (who is an AWESOME knitter and made some lovely baby clothes) I realised that the trick is, to write down exactly what you need to do before jumping right in.. and so I started again, this time with a woollen soaker ( I made two, one tiny and one big one) I then made little shoes and my next project are leg warmers!!

I have no idea how long this obsession will last, but I am really really loving it!  And since this child does not seem to have any plans to arrive soon I am pretty sure I can fit in one more project.


1 more week

to go!! It is moving pretty slow and fast at the same time.  I am now really really home, as in I have promised to not go to uni until AFTER the baby!! I even handed over my swipe card so wont have access to the labs anyway. 

I wake up in the middle of the night freaking out, I cry over NOTHING but it all seems to be part of the end stages of being pregnant. I look absolutely ridiculous and have now also started to retain water.. Had a doctors appt yesterday and the baby is slowly moving down but still has  way to go.. she is also still posterior while I keep telling her to TURN hopefully it will happen before or during labour.

Y and I are trying to enjoy our last few weeks as a twosome by hanging out together on the days that he is home and every time it makes us realise that in a few days there will be this other person that will need us 100% .

We are pretty much ready to go but since we have another bet going I dont want to give birth before 01/02/12 and he is hoping for 25/01/12.. Since the baby is still so high up,  I think this is one bet that I am going to win!



Despite being on

maternity leave I seem to have a hard time updating this blog thing..

In a way it is because while I am not doing much, except knitting, everything takes 3421 times longer than it used to.  Cleaning, grocery shopping etc I seem to be moving at the slowest pace ever.  Maybe also because my belly is now the size of a small car so movement is HARD.

Still no signs of Bubbles’ immediate arrival.. Y (who is now my husband!) thinks she will arrive in the week before the 31st while I am betting on the week after.. Hopefully the 2nd of Feb since that will give my mum a chance to meet the baby before she flies back Melbourne and then Europe. I had hoped she would be able to stay a bit longer, but with her job and my dad being the way that he is she needs to get back a bit sooner.

I am slowly getting used to the fact that we will have another person in the house very soon.  It is weird and exciting and it does freak me out a little.  When I see my friend L and her darling daughter N, I realise that while it must be the most rewarding thing in the world (looking after your child) it is HARD!  She does make it look easy and I really do hope that Bubbles will have a similar chilled out character as N (previously known as the Spud).   Yesterday I got to hang out with both of them and L and I were projecting to the future how our girls will be in say 10-15 yrs time.. SCARY!!   For now though lets see what the next few weeks bring and when Bubbles decides to finally meet us.