6 Weeks

Today is the magic 6 week mark…. This is what we all have been counting down to. Once the baby is 6 weeks it all becomes easier, except that now everyone tells me that it is 12 weeks when it really becomes easier and I am pretty sure that when we are nearing the 12 week mark it will be 6 months and so fort until it is: don’t worry once she turns 36 it will all be fine.”

Things are good we really are blessed with a wonderful happy baby.  And I really can not complain! She is sleeping, eating and smiling like a trooper.. And of course she cries but these cries are really limited to when she is pooping in her sleep (don’t ask) and when she is over tired in the evening.

I am enjoying my new life more and more, although I still miss work and the lab and the people and the social life that goes with it. I have found a new social life which consists of coffee’s and lunches in the park and hanging out with other mums and talking about boobs and milk and poos and sleeps.

Really though, the mother’s group, is a great thing and hearing the horror stories of child birth/ not sleeping/ not gaining weight/  puts everything in perspective.  Little L is the fattest in her age group.. with all the other 5-6 weeks old weighing around 3.6 kg and she is about 4.4!!! I sometimes feel a bit guilty about having an easy baby, no problems with breastfeeding and a very supportive husband.  Maybe we will have our real problems when L becomes a teenager..



1 Month

Dear L,

You are now 1 Month old although it feels more like 1 year.. probably because of the very short nights and extremely long days..

You have become a lot more alert and I am pretty sure that you have consciously smiled a few times now. Pooping is still a massive effort for you and you will literally scream as you are pushing. Dad was the one who pointed that out, I would immediately pick you up. I am getting better at it, although I hate to hear you cry.

You love to be held and sleep on someone’s chest (you are not very picky at the moment)  and you spent a few lovely hours sleeping on Dave on the weekend. Luckily he enjoyed as much as you did.

I am starting to get to you know a bit better, the first 2 weeks you were a complete stranger to me and I would often wonder who you were.  As it turns out you are the spitting image of your dad and not only the way you look.  I am waiting to see what characteristics you got from me, it might be your appetite and the aimless chatter.. Another thing that you have started doing, making random sounds when you are awake. You appreciate some alone time too and are quite happy to lie in your bed staring at your hands.

One of your favourite toys is a musical mushroom that I put on your change table.  As soon as we turn on the music you stop crying.. it only works on the change table though!

You love to be on your tummy and are an expert at lifting your head up and looking from side to side.   Hopefully it will prevent you from getting a flat head.

We attended our first mother’s group and met some lovely people. I am pretty sure we will make some new friends.  You were by far the cutest baby there, while not the tallest, definitely the chubbiest and that is a much better look than the scrawny babies we saw.

Despite the fact that most of the time you are sleeping or eating, you are definitely keeping your dad and I entertained and on our toes.

Looking forward to getting to know you even better!

Love Always,