3 months

My darling L,

I suck, this was supposed to be a monthly thing and now it is nearly 3 months. Please excuse me and see this as your 3 month update.

As everyone said, things have really gotten easier! But we did have some hurdles along the way. The biggest one was your napping. At around 9/10 weeks I realized that you only slept in your pram or on my boob. Trying to get you to nap in your bed resulted in tears from both of us.
I did feel that we needed to break the boob sleeping during the day and so used the pram. It all sounds great but to get you to go to sleep the pram had to be moving and thus I spent my days pushing the pram, either in the house or I would go for long walks! And that was my day.. Luckily the weather was nice.

I then decided to call in an expert.. A very expensive expert, your dad was not really to keen on it but I insisted. She was lovely and showed me how to Rock you to sleep and put you in your crib, she also explained that the screaming was because you were extremely tired and did not know how to fall a sleep. When she left I felt a bit cheated, she basically charged $500 to tell me what everyone had told me.. But hey at least you were in your crib!

It was great for a few days and then you figured out that if you kept on screaming when your butt hit the mattress I would keep on holding you 😉 To be honest I don’t think you were doing it on purpose. It did mean that I was holding you to get you to sleep. And it meant once again I was unable to do anything else. And while I love spending time with you, I prefer to do it when you are awake.
After a major breakdown from me, my dear friend L came to the rescue! She showed me how you are able to settle in the cot and now my lovely you go off to sleep with little or no fuss!! You sometimes suck your fingers or thumb which to your dad and I is the cutest thing ever.
Night time is great as always!

We also went to Gymbaroo, which is a lot of singing and exercises, a bit cheesy for me, but you love it. I took you swimming too..not quite sure how you felt about that one though. Will definitely try it again!

And you my dear, you are quite the person..you love tummy time! You giggle which is very funny and you are very observant. You love looking at trees and I am convinced you will become a botanist when you grow up. You are grasping things with great accuracy and try to put everything in your mouth. You have become very interested in the world around you.

You have changed me in so many ways and all for the better. All I want is to spend time with you and see how you are mastering all these new skills and becoming your very own person. I feel sad thinking of the things I will miss once I go back to work, but I do realize that we are very blessed to even have all this time together.

All my Love Always