4 months

Dear Lani,

I do sometimes get it right! 4 months today, you are really becoming a big girl! Last weekend your dad took away the bassinet so I would finally put you in your own room for the night. And boy did that go well. You slept from 6 till 3 and then till 8. I on the other hand was up from 1.30 AM.. missing having you near me. I am getting used to it now though and must admit that it is nice having the bedroom back.

We went for another swim, this time I know you enjoyed it, you were full of smiles and you actually “swam”. We went with 3 of our mother’s group friends, you of course showed the others how it had to be done.
We had our first pub lunch with your friend N and her parents. I say friend, but you were a little bit scared, since N makes a lot of noises to show how much she is enjoying things (or unhappy). You are still rather quiet, although every now then you will talk. Crying really only happens when you are tired.

You also had your immunizations and you were such a trooper! Not a tear, obviously your big thighs helped! The next day you spent sleeping and that was basically it.
We are working really hard on getting you to roll..you did it twice from your tummy to your back, without nappy on. But the other times you just pee and that is it. Sure it will happen at some point!

In other news, we got offered a spot at daycare. We still have to check it out, but it seems pretty good. It means that come August, dad will be home for 2 days to look after you and I will be going back to work! Big changes, but I am sure it will all be fine after some adjustment time! And again, it is probably more me than you!

Love mum