5 months

Dear Lani,

5 months and a few days today!

Lots of things have happened. You can sit by yourself, well according to your dad it does not count since we put you in a sitting position but you can stay there without any support!
And you have managed to roll from your belly to your back a few times! Of course we have yet to see that action. When we put you on your tummy you refuse to do it while we are staring at you, as soon as we look away you roll.

Even more impressive is that you have started daycare. And you seem to be loving it. Lots of other children and awesome carers. The only slight problem is that you do not take the bottle, but hopefully that will change soon. I must admit that not having you around makes me a little sad. I am excited though that you are so social and fearless when it comes to seeing new people.

My favourite thing at the moment is seeing you and your dad together, you make the happiest sounds when you see him. I know that the two of you are going to have an awesome time together when I go back to work.

And you have started eating solids! So far we have given you almost everything except meat and fish. Not much ends up in your mouth unless we spoon feed you, but it is much more fun to see you feed yourself. You seem to like everything which is great! Now all we need is a high chair, since the sofa is getting pretty messy.

You also spent your first night away from home. The three of us were invited to spend one night in St Albans to chill out in the country side. It was really lovely, naps were a bit of an issue, but nighttime was fine! and even driving for 2,5 hrs was not a problem

To me the changes in this past month have been massive and I am looking forward to seeing your next major developments, maybe some more talking? Or more rolling? It does not really matter, in my eyes everything you do is amazing (yes I am that kind of parent)

All my love,