6 Months

Dear Lani,

Happy belated half Birthday!!   

In the past month lots of things have happened:

You had your first cold.  This of course freaked me out more than it really affected you.  

We took our first airplane together and flew from Sydney to Wagga Wagga (a very short, 45 min flight). You were very well behaved despite not feeling well. Unfortunately because of not feeling well you refused to sleep in the port-a-cot so your dad and I had two rough nights taking turns holding you. 

And I have started work, 3 days a week which means that you now get to hang out with Dad for 2 of those. It has only been a week, but you and him totally have it under control. You even sleep in the bed when he is looking after you.   I am hoping that one day I will be that lucky!  

You love love love daycare, I go to feed you in the afternoon and you can not wait to be with the other children and carers.  It is amazing how much you enjoy other people and especially children!  And the carers all think that you are a wonderful child interested in everyone and everything (and yes they will tell every parent that) it still makes me proud. 

You are trying extremely hard to crawl, but so far not much luck. You do move around quite a bit and I have already learned not to leave you alone for one second especially if you are on the couch.  In the last week, you seem a new person. Very aware, very active and very vocal.  You make the funniest sounds and your giggle is very infectious. 

And then there is your appetite, oh boy… you eat everything and in large quantities and it makes me so happy!  I did go a little crazy and have learned to tone it down just a little.. But you really are a joy to watch when you eat.  We have tried the usual baby food (potato, pumpkin etc) but there was also Dumplings, Beef Casserole, Gherkin and Tofu. Food is your thing and like me, other people’s food is especially appealing!   And water, you enjoy drinking from sippy cup and glass, but have recently discovered that you can suck water out of the facewasher when you are in the bath. Because of your dry skin we do not use soap so if I left you to it, you would probably drink half the bath.  


It is the most amazing thing, being able to watch you learn new skills and grow up and become your own little person and I realise every day how lucky I am that I get to enjoy you!  And now you also get to share all these wonderful things with your dad! 

All my love always,