Month 7

Dear Lani,

You turned 7 months, a little more than a week ago.  Things have been relatively quiet on the developmental front.  The main thing is that you have HAIR, not as much as your friend Luke but definitely getting more and more.

We are still waiting for you to crawl, but I have a feeling you might just skip that step completely and start walking since your new favourite thing to do is STANDING.  You now pull yourself up in the bed and stand at the side. This morning you pulled yourself up on the pram and managed to stay there by your self for quite some time.

Sleeping is amazing, there are of course still days that are a bit all over the place, but most of the time you are rocking it! And we have managed to drop night time feeds to zero. Every now and then you do want/need one but in general you dont wake up, unless you are upside down in the bed!

You and your dad have lots of fun together and everything seems to go so naturally with you two that I always get a bit freaked out when it is just you and I. Yep you have one crazy mumma.. but you have made life pretty easy for me too!

Your favourite thing to do is to play peek-a-boo it really cracks you up.  Banging things on the floor/table or against each other is another favourite.  You still love day care and will be going for two days a week very soon!

There is some more talking going on, you have been saying mummmma but it just means you are unhappy and it has no relation to me at all.

All my love always,