10 Months

Dear Lani,

You turned 10 Months last week. Both your dad and I only remembered because we got a message from “my baby” an app we both downloaded.  I know, we suck, but to be honest, we have been through a very very rough month with your night time sleeping. You went from sleeping the whole night, to waking every few hours.  The only times that you were sleeping well was when you were sick and that happened twice.  Not just a cold,  this time it was high fever and feeling really unwell.   Luckily we seem to have gotten over whatever it was that was keeping you up. It might have been the 3, yes THREE, teeth that you decided to grow.  They are barely there, but we can definitely feel and see something.  

You have started giving kisses, not often and definitely only on your terms, but every now and then you will grab our faces and plant a big wet kiss on our mouths.  It is the best!!  Hugs are also there, more than kisses, but never enough for your dad and I. 

You know how to climb stairs, to walk behind your walker and are very close to using a fork correctly.  

Your dad and you have so much fun together, you two play a chasing game that has you cracking up the whole time.  You actually initiate the game.    Reading books is another favourite of yours and I make sure we read to you everyday.  And then there are the balls, we have about 54385 and you enjoy throwing them around.  Dad likes to impress you with his juggling skills. 

Recently you are a bit more clingy especially with me, this part of your normal development so we are not too bothered by it although it can get a bit much at times.   And you are “talking” we have BAH and MUM, and then a lot of other sounds.  MUM has nothing to do with me, you seem to say it when you are getting a bit upset (so maybe it has!). 

 Despite this being one of the hardest months for me I would not trade it in the world!  

All my love always,