13 Months and a bit

Dear Lani,

Once again a bit late, but with good reason. I t was grant writing time and I am a little desperate to keep this job so was busy working very hard.. Now everything has been submitted and we can have a little breather.  Things have been pretty awesome you are WALKING and loving it.. It keeps your hands free for carrying things around. 

School is still one of your favourite places to be and I hope it stays that way for a long time.  You are now officially a water chicken, after your near drowning session in France you can not get enough of water.  We have been to the pool, the beach and on the weekend you decided that sitting in a bucket of water (meant for dogs) was the way to go.  

We have made some new friends in the neighbourhood since some of our old friends have moved away.  You are the new owner of a pink bike that we found on the street and even if it is way to big for you, you love riding it. 

There is a lot of talking happening, although your dad and I have yet to figure out what it is that you say or even what language your are speaking. So far the one thing that you say consistently is bye bye and you even use it in the right context (when you close the door, or put something away). 

It is has always been fun hanging out with you, but these days are even more awesome, and while you can be demanding and a princess you are also very loving, always on the go and funny.  (the funny bit is obviously something you inherited from me). 

All my love always,