16 and 17 Months

Dear Lani,

Only a few days late this time.   This month has been great, well except for the 4 AM wake-ups.. really what the hell is that about.

We went on our first family holiday, Hamilton Island and it was absolutely fantastic. We left on a Tuesday morning and took a little plane. You were tired after running around the airport like a crazy person in your new ladybug flip flops and fell a sleep almost immediately. The flight was only about 2 hrs so when you woke you were pretty easily entertained for the duration of the flight.  We stayed in an apartment, twice the size of our house and had a golf-buggy to ride around in, which you loved!  We spent the entire time at the beach or at the pool and after your initial fear of getting into the water you loved it.  Playing in the sand was another favourite, as was looking at the cockatoos (tootoos as you called them), spotting the kangaroos with dad and drawing on the furniture.

Your vocabulary grows day by day although we still sometimes have trouble figuring out exactly what you say!  You have trouble with the K sound at the start of words, so come becomes mum or thom. You have learned to say maman, finally!!. You love to see daddy and constantly want to know where he is but get angry when he tries to give you a kiss. You love to wash your hands and make bubbles when using soap. Brushing your teeth is another favourite, although there is not much brushing, but more lots of toothpaste eating.

Oma came to visit for a few days  She cooked you food and took you to the park. And we went into the city to see her on her last day.   It was a short visit, but we all enjoyed having here over.

You are extremely bossy and get very angry when things dont go your way, it is both cute and frustrating at the same time.   Bath time has been interesting, you have gone from hating it to loving it and back to hating it again. I personally love the time when I am drying you. You give me the biggest hug and bury your head in my neck and ask me  to sing Rock- a -bye- baby by saying  baby in my ear.  We often spend 10 minutes just cuddling and singing and it is one of my most favourite moments of the day.

We stopped breastfeeding!!! A major milestone and 0ne you were quite happy with.. this means that now you go to bed with a book and a song and wake up around 6.30 And if you do wake up in the night all you want is a litttle cuddle that I am more than happy to give you!   To me these past months have been the most amazing (I know I keep saying that).    I can not get over how cool it is that you can express what you want, make jokes and act a little crazy to get us to laugh!

Your dad and I are so amazed by you Lani.  We are excited to see what surprises are around the corner.

All my love always,





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