18 Months

Dear Lani

You have just turned 18 months old, time is flying!  Your vocabulary is growing by the minute! You repeat everything we say, although often not quite realizing what it means.  Some letter are hard for you to pronounce, like the K and the S.  My favourite mispronunciation is EMPTY, you turn it into EMPIT.  Other than the growing amount of words you now often initiate games.  Daddy introduced you to the “tent” (we sit under the blanket in our bed) and you love playing this. You make us do “dodo”, take a little nap or you want to jump and then fall.

Running fast is another thing that you like and I often have to race you. I tend to win since you fall over every 3 minutes, but it never stops you.  You see when your friends are sad or upset and try to fix it.  Sharing sometimes comes very easy, whereas other times it makes you very upset.  The good thing is, you now use your words and say: ” Lani’s turn” when you feel like you have waited long enough.

This month was also one of accidents, you got a pretty bad burn on your finger when you stuck it into the polenta that daddy had made and just came out of the oven.   It turned into a very ugly blister, but like most things did not bother you too much, once you got over the initial shock.  Then there was the visit to the doctor, this was a major disaster again affecting me more than you but it was just generally unpleasant, with the doctor having to give you 2 injections and not really knowing what he was doing. I promise that we will never go to see him again.

School is still good and something you enjoy.  There is one little boy, Asher, that you adore more than anyone in the world.  He is  3 or 4 and loves you just as much!  When we tell you that you need to get ready for school, the first thing that you say is Asher.  It definitely helps to get you ready, otherwise we would spend the morning in the tent or reading books.  Your favourite books at the moment are: Boucle D’or (that I roughly translate into english) and Mr McGee and the flea.

Sleep is once again gone a bit haywire, there is nap refusal (especially with me) and you now require me to sit in the room with you when you are going to sleep at night.. I dont really mind the latter since I get a bit of rest too but I do think you will need to go to sleep on your own sooner rather than later!

You are the most stubborn, bright and beautiful little girl and every single day I thank my lucky stars that I get to spend time with you.

All my love always,