Dear Lani,


It has been about 4 months since I last wrote to you and many things have changed.  You are speaking in full sentences, one of the first being : “I want to be naked, daddy.” when we tried to get you to put your nappy on after your bath. This has led to a new tradition, you now go to your room naked and stay that way until we put you to bed (after 3 books and 2 min of puzzles).  So far we have only had one tiny accident.  

Your cot is now open on one side, we had to get a new one and decided that it was time to put you in a big girl bed. You roll out every now and then, but it is low to the ground and we put pillows on the floor.  

You sing, you love to sing and you have mastered Frere Jacques,  Three little Monkeys, Miss Polly, The wheels on the bus and I am pretty sure that there are a few more.   And dancing, besides dancing to your nursery rhymes, mimicking all the actions  you love dad’s music, so you and he often spend the afternoon dancing together.  

Angus is still your best friend and you two have the best time playing together.  Your favourite game is the “bed game” where you two pretend to sleep for 10 sec and then you yell WAKE UP and you get up for 10 seconds and then back off to sleep.  Or like the monkey song, you just jump in the bed.  At his house you suddenly love getting your nappy changed and going in the bath. 

You are a little shy when you meet strangers and repeat this sentence often when you meet new people.  I am not quite sure you really know what it means.  

It is going to be an interesting few weeks, since Dad will be going to France and you and I will be staying in Sydney and not seeing dad until the 16th of December.  It will be the first time since you were born that we have spent more than 1 night away from each other.  I hope you wont be too sad. 

You remain the happiest little chicken and every day you amaze me! 

All my Love,