Almost 2

Dear Lani,


You are almost 2 and it has been a very long time since I posted anything. We have been on quite the adventure and I meant to write about it ages ago. 

At the end of November, daddy went back to France to prepare for his thesis defence. You and I stayed in Sydney and had the best time.  I was a little nervous about being a single parent, but as it turned out it was (with your help and that of friends) a total breeze.  We had a few rough nights, and you wanted me to stay with you while you fell a sleep but that was it!  We went out to dinner together, we visited friends and we managed to not let the house fall in total disarray.  It was such a joy spending all that time with you.  Especially since your entertainment value has quadrupled now that you can talk and sing and dance!! 

After our two weeks together we had to go on the plane to Amsterdam. I was a little nervous about how it all would go since it would just be you and I but once again you were extremely well behaved and a real pleasure to travel with.  We ate lots of snacks, played games, watched the tv and the ipad and you slept. At Abu Dhabi airport you ran around and then when we got onto our next flight there were more games, tv and sleep.  We landed in Amsterdam early morning and took our time getting through customs cause there were so many fun things to climb on.  This was a good thing, since Oma was late in picking us up. 

I am so proud of how you behaved and I truly enjoyed every second of our flight and the 2 weeks before that!!  

Our time in Holland and France was not so good, this had nothing to do with you but everything with the stupid jet lag, your dad and I not being able to communicate or coordinate anything and us not having a place of our own to stay.  I felt awful seeing you distressed and unhappy and am sorry that we put you through it. I have promised you and myself that we will never do it this way again!  In future (and that wont be for a long time) we will rent a house and go in summer, that way everyone can have a bit of a holiday. 

We got back on the first of January and things have returned to normal. You are cheerful, full of life and enjoying spending time at school and with Angus.  I am so happy that you have formed such a close bond, not only with Angus, but with his parents and little sister. Seeing you interact with them warms my heart every single time.  

In a few weeks you will turn two (terrible twos??) who knows.. you have definitely been pushing boundaries and surprising both your dad and I with your meltdowns.. 

* Water in Pink cup.. NO NO NO I want the purple one (why did we teach you colours)

* Dont lie down like that mummy, like this.. NO NO NO

* I want blanket NO NO NO sleeping bag 

* I want apple with skin, NO NO NO without skin

And the list goes on and on and on even giving you choices can set you off.. we are getting used to it though and very soon even I will be immune to your meltdowns. 

I am looking forward to the next few months with some new and very exciting adventures ahead! 

All my Love always,