2 years and 3 weeks

My darling Lani, 

You turned 2 a few weeks ago!!  We had a little party with a few of your friends. Nothing major but really enjoyable.  The main reason it was small was because neither your dad nor I are very good at organising things. However your dad was pretty amazing at 1) making a cake (made out of fruit only) and 2) getting you presents.  Please note that he initially only wanted to get you a Petanque set but I asked him to get you a SCOOTER!!  

You are talking and singing and dancing ALL.THE.TIME and you have recently started going to school 5 days a week. It is near unaffordable for us but once you get a job we will get you to pay us back every cent.  The main thing is you love it there. You love the carers, the kids and all the fun things they do with you.  

You have started potty training yourself, you like to pee on the toilet and will take yourself there when you feel the need, not all the time but at least in the evening it is pretty consistent. And last saturday you managed to dress yourself!! T_shirt and pants and socks, and while somethings were on backwards/inside out YOU DID DO  IT!!  This is  something you exclaim whenever you do something: I DID DO IT Daddy/ Mummy.  

You are still very much in a mummy phase but with the new baby coming I think that will change. For now I cherish our morning cuddles and afternoons spend together.  In the morning after a good sleep, you will come running into our room yelling that you have finished sleeping and jump into bed with me.  We will then cuddle/ play/ sing / chat until it is time for breakfast.   Unfortunately you also like to jump in the bed in the middle of the night, something that I have had to stop in order for us both to get some sleep. You still try on occasion, but when I walk you back to your room and tell you it is still night, you will go back to sleep. 

The afternoons are spent either chasing you around, because you want to go running. Carrying your scooter cause after about 3 min you have had enough, reading a book or playing with water.  

Dinner and breakfast for that matter are something you dont care about anymore.. you love eating food at daycare and will eat fruit by the kilo, but anything besides pasta/ baked beans / or Fish is wasted on you.   If someone else has cooked it you are OK to eat it.. so maybe it is my cooking as your dad will so helpfully tell me.  

It is exciting to see you develop into your own little person.  I love that you love to dance and sing and I hope you will continue to express yourself in these ways.  Please dont stop enjoying going to school. It can be the most magical place in the world, but if you start to hate, tell us so we can hopefully make it better. 

I love you Lani, now and always