And I am back

So this writing a monthly letter to my kids has failed miserably.. but now that I am back at work and thus procrastinating it might just pick up again!

It has been a year full of changes, the major ones being the addition of Kheo, our whiter than white, I am really a Dutchie, son and we moved house.

Lani is almost three as she will tell everyone that she meets, she also wants a dinosaur that closes his eyes when he sleeps and opens them when awake and Roars. Kheo is almost 8 months and besides sleeping a very easy, laid back, smiles for everyone bubba.

Together they rock my world  While those first few weeks were harder than anything I have ever done and made feel so guilty after 3-4 months things changed and now seeing them together, playing and laughing it is amazing and I am so so glad that they have each other.  Lani always wants Kheo there and Kheo is one grumpy little man when Lani is having her nap.

Yann and I are doing really well, I was so nervous returning back to work, not sure how we would cope with the house and picking up kids and getting them fed… We manage to leave the house on time and have dinner ready on time too without the house being a total pig sty and even the laundry gets done.   It helps that January is very quiet, plus I am apparently job sharing (this is whole other story) and bosses are away so leaving early or getting in late is not a huge deal.

Looking forward to more sleep, some night out (we have a babysitter!!) and lots and lots of time as a family of four.

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