it has been

ages and heaps has been going on!

The first and most important 2 things are that my dear friends L and A had their babies and basically on the same weekend..  I have had the pleasure to meet them both and must admit that I felt a weird kind of jealousy that I still have wait another 3 months before I get to meet Bubbles.  To say that the babies are adorable is an understatement and both L and A totally Rocked their not so easy births (which I must admit did freak me out a little, it really does hurt apparently!)

In other equally important news: Y has a job for when he comes to Sydney!! And while it is part-time I am sure he will be able to find stuff to do on te days/ hours that he is not working.  I am heaps excited and can not wait to have him here with me and Bubbles.

We also have a house that I thought I was going to move in this weekend but hey my progesterone brain got the month wrong so it wont be until mid November, which works out even better since Y will actually be here then.  I was stressing out about having to move and finishing the pile of work I have and buying furniture and dragging  J to every shop every weekend!!  The place is ideally located, about 10 min from my uni and 15 min from station and hospital!

I am big, bigger than big and Bubbles is doing great.. I feel that walking up the hill or climbing stairs is making me a bit puffed, but I do somehow manage to ride my bike and really really enjoy it too!!  Have not yet gone for another swim but will soon.

Work is crazy busy but also really enjoyable since my experiment is working and things are falling into place.  I really do love my job and it is a pleasure to be in the lab and work with the people that I work with.

And that is very  very briefly all that has been happening in the past few weeks!!




It is great being back and unfortunately it is almost over!!

I arrived on Thursday after a pretty long flight.. Dad was in bed when Mum and I got back and after a shower I too went straight to bed. Had a pretty good sleep and surprised dad in the morning!! We compared our bellies and his was about the same size as mine (result of beer and medication).  Y was arriving that afternoon and we were both so excited.. I was of course late at picking him up at the station but we made it home and after having dinner with mum and dad we excused ourselves and went upstairs.  I had already received 3 emails from Jane  and I had no idea what exactly was going on (she was going to email me the sex of Bubbles) so we sat down and opened the first email: and there it was… A GIRL!!! Bubbles is a little girl.. I cried of course just cause I was happy and surprised..   Y had already told me several times that it was going to be girl so he was less surprised.

It sounds ridiculous but I really really wanted a baby girl. I just thought it would be easier, since I only know girl stuff (I am an only child) or at least that is how I feel.. Seeing my friends with boys especially the older ones I see that it obviously is awesome too!  And I  guess that once our daughter turns into a teen I am in for one hell of a ride.

After finding out the sex we decided on a name in about 5 min.  This is the one thing we are keeping a surprise.. but that was one of the easiest decisions we made.. we saw it and loved it and then felt silly that we decided it so quickly and said that we would still look for other names.. it has now been 2 weeks and there is no way that I am changing my mind. Our final argument is a middle name, I really want one, Y thinks it is not at all necessary.

After the first weekend in holland we went to Tours, I was a little concerned having to tell Y’s mum that we decided on moving to Sydney but that all went really well. Her main concern was his PhD and I totally agreed with her on that, by no means do I want him not to do his PhD and neither do my parents for that matter.

After a very quick visit to France we were back on the train to Holland and for another few days with my parents a visit to Amsterdam and some catching up with friends. Then before I knew it, it was time to say good bye to Y again.  I dropped him to the station and was pretty sad, it never gets easy.. My tears quickly dried when I got to the car and saw the parking officer issuing me with a parking fine!

Spent another 3 days with my mum and dad and thoroughly enjoyed being able to just be with them.. saw some more friends and then it was Saturday and I was leaving..

Will tell you all about my adventure getting back to Sydney the next time!

18 Weeks and 1 day

I am a day late cause on the exact date I was in a massive hurry AND I was extremely pissed off with Y so really could not be bothered..

 There is definitely something growing in there.. AND  I  started to feel movement, although since I only felt it on two separate occasions, I am not sure if it really was!  Tomorrow is my last scan… Well if all is good.. weird to think that I wont be able to see Bubbles until s/he is born..
Work is INSANE at the moment, but it is good since i am getting heaps done, just a bit tiring though. AND tonight is my first night out in a loooooooong time, going to see Dylan Moran with my friends Lauren and her husband John.. Hopefully I can keep my eyes open..

Well I only just managed to keep my eyes open.. I had the longest day at uni and then the show started at 8 PM and by 9 I was pretty much baked.. John had a wee nap he, like me but unlike Lauren, is an early riser and likes to go to bed by 9 ish.  We tried convincing Lauren that she needed to change her internal clock and be more like us, but not to sure that it worked.  Got home at 10 PM which is really really late for me and then since Y was back in Europe I really wanted to say hello so we were on Skype for another hour before I finally went to sleep.  And since my body refuses to let me sleep after 5 AM I was up early this morning.  No work today though so am enjoying a relaxing morning at home and then the scan and then lunch with Jane and some shopping.


safe and sound after a very long flight!  It was not too bad actually.. but for the first time ever I am having trouble sleeping (jetlag). It is the first time that I arrived at night in Sydney and I did not like it much at all. It was dark and cold.. Jane came and picked me up and then we went to Maya for a beautiful Indian dinner and were met by L &D, where I am staying.

Before I fell of to sleep I cried ould not believe that I would not be seeing Y until October. I suddenly hated the whole idea of me being here..  I woke up at 3 AM and went went back to sleep from 5-7 …And then went to Uni to say hello to everyone. Seeing the sun shine through the window did make me feel a whole lot better, despite my lack of sleep.

My new boss was not in that day, but my old boss was and it was good seeing him, had a very AWESOME catch up session with Lozzie.  The next night was basically the same.. awake from 3 AM and so very sad.. during the day it is all OK but as soon as I go to bed it really hits me that I am here alone.   I kinda demanded that Y come and visit me before he goes to Canada because I did not think I would be able to cope not seeing him for 5 months, which  he was open to, but he also said it would be rather hard.    After another night of half sleep, I did realise that I was asking a lot, I know it is because I am upset that he is going to Canada instead of spending his holidays here (totally uncalled for, since it was planned before we met).   At the moment I am OK if he does not come. I finally had a full night’s sleep and feel a lot better.. I am looking forward to starting my new job and moving into my new place (but more on that later).

Saying goodbye

AGAIN!!!  The story of my life and it never gets any easier!  Today is my last day in Holland… I am upstairs sitting behind my computer trying not to think about what is going to happen.  I dont think it really hit me until Monday when I was visiting Judith and Marcel and there was a show about Australia on the TV..  I am not particularly happy about going, which is odd since I love Sydney, I am hoping that once I am there it will be better and having a job will definitely help.

The weekend was fun. We all went to Amsterdam to celebrate Queensday, which especially for Bruno and Justine was a whole new experience. Y had already celebrated last year. We did not go very far since we were with a group of 8 and every 4 minutes one of us had to pee/get beer or get food.. We avoided the very busy squares, such as the Dam and Museum Plein and instead just hung out around the Zeedijk.   The way back took forever since drunk people were constantly slowing down the trains.. but managed to get back at 1.30 AM. Sunday was very relaxed, with a lot of food and sun and beers.

Having lunch with my boss on Friday to say thank you and goodbye and then a last weekend in Tours, which is also my birthday weekend but to be honest I am not really in a celebratory mood.  Y already asked me if I wanted to have a party but since my mood is very up and down I am not too sure it will be a good idea.. AND while I love parties, I am always the one who ends up having to clear up the mess and I would rather spend the weekend lying in bed with Y than mopping the floors.

Now I need to finish packing and cleaning up here and then hop on the train to Brussels! Fingers crossed there are no delays.


well nearly finished with my French course.. And to be honest, I am actually pretty sad that it is over!  The first week was not so much fun, mainly because I was literally “back at school.”  And it was weird having someone tell you not to be late and to do homework etc. But now I actually can see some improvements and am a little disappointed that I wont be able to continue for another 2 months like the rest of my classmates.  My German friend and I are the only two people at the institute that are doing a 1 month course..
I am looking forward to  going to Holland tomorrow!! And just like two years ago, when I just returned from Sydney, I will be celebrating Queensday!! Not with L, but this time with B and J and Y!!  While Y’s leg is still in a brace and he can not really walk he seems determined to come to Amsterdam with us, will let you know how that goes!

Living in the house has been a bit crazy! At the moment there are 6 people staying here, besides me and the three people that actually pay rent, B and J are here too.  I think they are both awesome so it is not that I dont like them it just that there are ALWAYS  people around.. I am spending more and more time in my room these days.. Luckily B, especially, knows what I am like so they do not (seem) to take offense.

Things with Y are still good, well as long as I keep the crazy in check! This is getting harder and harder the closer my leaving date approaches.. I feel so out of control and the thought of not seeing him “live” for 5 months is killing me.  I just hope that once I am in Sydney things will be easier since I will be with friends and I will have a job and more fun things to distract me.  Even this morning: I was saying goodbye to Y since he, B and J were driving to Lille today and then on to the Farm on Friday, to spend the weekend there.  I basically wont be seeing him for one day and while riding to class I was all upset (not crying, but sad that I would not be seeing him).  I hope this mainly because I am not a big fan of Tours because if being apart for one day has this effect on me I have no idea what will happen when we are apart for months at a time..

In totally different news, I once again managed to break something valuable.. my iPhone, I mean seriously.. WTF??  Hopefully once the glass is replaced everything will work again.. but for now I am using an old phone of Y’s and it is hard to get used to a totally different operating system. It takes me 1 hr to write a txt message..

Reading back

through old post, I realise how much I actually CRAP ON about nothing really.. well here is another post that follows this theme exactly..

I am in MUNICH!  I arrived yesterday afternoon and it is FREEZING.  I mean literally freezing. There is even SNOW.  Today and tomorrow I will be in the lab helping out with some experiments, not too sure what is going on next week but hopefully I will be able to spend some time exploring the city and catching up on sleep.

Spent the past 5 days at Y’s place and it was great, but we don’t seem to get more than 4-5 hrs of sleep a night and that is no where near enough for me.  But last night I managed to sleep for 10hrs, so if I can keep this up then I will be fine by the time I get back to France.  And I am hopeful we can find a sleep schedule that works for the both of us.

We discussed a little about what is in our future and while I realise that it is necessary, it is pretty upsetting to me.  It makes me really sad knowing that once I am in Sydney we wont be able to see each other as much/hardly at all.  He is going to Canada for a holiday in august and I am super happy for him but would of course prefer him to come to Sydney instead.  Who knows, I still have no news from Sydney so I might still be in France.. I did email my new boss today just to check if there was any news. And being in Munich has made a little more motivated to actually do some SCIENCE. So have decided to actually start working on a review (one that was planned to be done at the end of my PhD).  I figure it will get me be back acquainted with my GHB work and also updated on the latest research!

On that note, I should start a Pubmed Search