2 years and 3 weeks

My darling Lani, 

You turned 2 a few weeks ago!!  We had a little party with a few of your friends. Nothing major but really enjoyable.  The main reason it was small was because neither your dad nor I are very good at organising things. However your dad was pretty amazing at 1) making a cake (made out of fruit only) and 2) getting you presents.  Please note that he initially only wanted to get you a Petanque set but I asked him to get you a SCOOTER!!  

You are talking and singing and dancing ALL.THE.TIME and you have recently started going to school 5 days a week. It is near unaffordable for us but once you get a job we will get you to pay us back every cent.  The main thing is you love it there. You love the carers, the kids and all the fun things they do with you.  

You have started potty training yourself, you like to pee on the toilet and will take yourself there when you feel the need, not all the time but at least in the evening it is pretty consistent. And last saturday you managed to dress yourself!! T_shirt and pants and socks, and while somethings were on backwards/inside out YOU DID DO  IT!!  This is  something you exclaim whenever you do something: I DID DO IT Daddy/ Mummy.  

You are still very much in a mummy phase but with the new baby coming I think that will change. For now I cherish our morning cuddles and afternoons spend together.  In the morning after a good sleep, you will come running into our room yelling that you have finished sleeping and jump into bed with me.  We will then cuddle/ play/ sing / chat until it is time for breakfast.   Unfortunately you also like to jump in the bed in the middle of the night, something that I have had to stop in order for us both to get some sleep. You still try on occasion, but when I walk you back to your room and tell you it is still night, you will go back to sleep. 

The afternoons are spent either chasing you around, because you want to go running. Carrying your scooter cause after about 3 min you have had enough, reading a book or playing with water.  

Dinner and breakfast for that matter are something you dont care about anymore.. you love eating food at daycare and will eat fruit by the kilo, but anything besides pasta/ baked beans / or Fish is wasted on you.   If someone else has cooked it you are OK to eat it.. so maybe it is my cooking as your dad will so helpfully tell me.  

It is exciting to see you develop into your own little person.  I love that you love to dance and sing and I hope you will continue to express yourself in these ways.  Please dont stop enjoying going to school. It can be the most magical place in the world, but if you start to hate, tell us so we can hopefully make it better. 

I love you Lani, now and always



Almost 2

Dear Lani,


You are almost 2 and it has been a very long time since I posted anything. We have been on quite the adventure and I meant to write about it ages ago. 

At the end of November, daddy went back to France to prepare for his thesis defence. You and I stayed in Sydney and had the best time.  I was a little nervous about being a single parent, but as it turned out it was (with your help and that of friends) a total breeze.  We had a few rough nights, and you wanted me to stay with you while you fell a sleep but that was it!  We went out to dinner together, we visited friends and we managed to not let the house fall in total disarray.  It was such a joy spending all that time with you.  Especially since your entertainment value has quadrupled now that you can talk and sing and dance!! 

After our two weeks together we had to go on the plane to Amsterdam. I was a little nervous about how it all would go since it would just be you and I but once again you were extremely well behaved and a real pleasure to travel with.  We ate lots of snacks, played games, watched the tv and the ipad and you slept. At Abu Dhabi airport you ran around and then when we got onto our next flight there were more games, tv and sleep.  We landed in Amsterdam early morning and took our time getting through customs cause there were so many fun things to climb on.  This was a good thing, since Oma was late in picking us up. 

I am so proud of how you behaved and I truly enjoyed every second of our flight and the 2 weeks before that!!  

Our time in Holland and France was not so good, this had nothing to do with you but everything with the stupid jet lag, your dad and I not being able to communicate or coordinate anything and us not having a place of our own to stay.  I felt awful seeing you distressed and unhappy and am sorry that we put you through it. I have promised you and myself that we will never do it this way again!  In future (and that wont be for a long time) we will rent a house and go in summer, that way everyone can have a bit of a holiday. 

We got back on the first of January and things have returned to normal. You are cheerful, full of life and enjoying spending time at school and with Angus.  I am so happy that you have formed such a close bond, not only with Angus, but with his parents and little sister. Seeing you interact with them warms my heart every single time.  

In a few weeks you will turn two (terrible twos??) who knows.. you have definitely been pushing boundaries and surprising both your dad and I with your meltdowns.. 

* Water in Pink cup.. NO NO NO I want the purple one (why did we teach you colours)

* Dont lie down like that mummy, like this.. NO NO NO

* I want blanket NO NO NO sleeping bag 

* I want apple with skin, NO NO NO without skin

And the list goes on and on and on even giving you choices can set you off.. we are getting used to it though and very soon even I will be immune to your meltdowns. 

I am looking forward to the next few months with some new and very exciting adventures ahead! 

All my Love always,




Dear Lani,


It has been about 4 months since I last wrote to you and many things have changed.  You are speaking in full sentences, one of the first being : “I want to be naked, daddy.” when we tried to get you to put your nappy on after your bath. This has led to a new tradition, you now go to your room naked and stay that way until we put you to bed (after 3 books and 2 min of puzzles).  So far we have only had one tiny accident.  

Your cot is now open on one side, we had to get a new one and decided that it was time to put you in a big girl bed. You roll out every now and then, but it is low to the ground and we put pillows on the floor.  

You sing, you love to sing and you have mastered Frere Jacques,  Three little Monkeys, Miss Polly, The wheels on the bus and I am pretty sure that there are a few more.   And dancing, besides dancing to your nursery rhymes, mimicking all the actions  you love dad’s music, so you and he often spend the afternoon dancing together.  

Angus is still your best friend and you two have the best time playing together.  Your favourite game is the “bed game” where you two pretend to sleep for 10 sec and then you yell WAKE UP and you get up for 10 seconds and then back off to sleep.  Or like the monkey song, you just jump in the bed.  At his house you suddenly love getting your nappy changed and going in the bath. 

You are a little shy when you meet strangers and repeat this sentence often when you meet new people.  I am not quite sure you really know what it means.  

It is going to be an interesting few weeks, since Dad will be going to France and you and I will be staying in Sydney and not seeing dad until the 16th of December.  It will be the first time since you were born that we have spent more than 1 night away from each other.  I hope you wont be too sad. 

You remain the happiest little chicken and every day you amaze me! 

All my Love,



18 Months

Dear Lani

You have just turned 18 months old, time is flying!  Your vocabulary is growing by the minute! You repeat everything we say, although often not quite realizing what it means.  Some letter are hard for you to pronounce, like the K and the S.  My favourite mispronunciation is EMPTY, you turn it into EMPIT.  Other than the growing amount of words you now often initiate games.  Daddy introduced you to the “tent” (we sit under the blanket in our bed) and you love playing this. You make us do “dodo”, take a little nap or you want to jump and then fall.

Running fast is another thing that you like and I often have to race you. I tend to win since you fall over every 3 minutes, but it never stops you.  You see when your friends are sad or upset and try to fix it.  Sharing sometimes comes very easy, whereas other times it makes you very upset.  The good thing is, you now use your words and say: ” Lani’s turn” when you feel like you have waited long enough.

This month was also one of accidents, you got a pretty bad burn on your finger when you stuck it into the polenta that daddy had made and just came out of the oven.   It turned into a very ugly blister, but like most things did not bother you too much, once you got over the initial shock.  Then there was the visit to the doctor, this was a major disaster again affecting me more than you but it was just generally unpleasant, with the doctor having to give you 2 injections and not really knowing what he was doing. I promise that we will never go to see him again.

School is still good and something you enjoy.  There is one little boy, Asher, that you adore more than anyone in the world.  He is  3 or 4 and loves you just as much!  When we tell you that you need to get ready for school, the first thing that you say is Asher.  It definitely helps to get you ready, otherwise we would spend the morning in the tent or reading books.  Your favourite books at the moment are: Boucle D’or (that I roughly translate into english) and Mr McGee and the flea.

Sleep is once again gone a bit haywire, there is nap refusal (especially with me) and you now require me to sit in the room with you when you are going to sleep at night.. I dont really mind the latter since I get a bit of rest too but I do think you will need to go to sleep on your own sooner rather than later!

You are the most stubborn, bright and beautiful little girl and every single day I thank my lucky stars that I get to spend time with you.

All my love always,


13 Months and a bit

Dear Lani,

Once again a bit late, but with good reason. I t was grant writing time and I am a little desperate to keep this job so was busy working very hard.. Now everything has been submitted and we can have a little breather.  Things have been pretty awesome you are WALKING and loving it.. It keeps your hands free for carrying things around. 

School is still one of your favourite places to be and I hope it stays that way for a long time.  You are now officially a water chicken, after your near drowning session in France you can not get enough of water.  We have been to the pool, the beach and on the weekend you decided that sitting in a bucket of water (meant for dogs) was the way to go.  

We have made some new friends in the neighbourhood since some of our old friends have moved away.  You are the new owner of a pink bike that we found on the street and even if it is way to big for you, you love riding it. 

There is a lot of talking happening, although your dad and I have yet to figure out what it is that you say or even what language your are speaking. So far the one thing that you say consistently is bye bye and you even use it in the right context (when you close the door, or put something away). 

It is has always been fun hanging out with you, but these days are even more awesome, and while you can be demanding and a princess you are also very loving, always on the go and funny.  (the funny bit is obviously something you inherited from me). 

All my love always,






10 Months

Dear Lani,

You turned 10 Months last week. Both your dad and I only remembered because we got a message from “my baby” an app we both downloaded.  I know, we suck, but to be honest, we have been through a very very rough month with your night time sleeping. You went from sleeping the whole night, to waking every few hours.  The only times that you were sleeping well was when you were sick and that happened twice.  Not just a cold,  this time it was high fever and feeling really unwell.   Luckily we seem to have gotten over whatever it was that was keeping you up. It might have been the 3, yes THREE, teeth that you decided to grow.  They are barely there, but we can definitely feel and see something.  

You have started giving kisses, not often and definitely only on your terms, but every now and then you will grab our faces and plant a big wet kiss on our mouths.  It is the best!!  Hugs are also there, more than kisses, but never enough for your dad and I. 

You know how to climb stairs, to walk behind your walker and are very close to using a fork correctly.  

Your dad and you have so much fun together, you two play a chasing game that has you cracking up the whole time.  You actually initiate the game.    Reading books is another favourite of yours and I make sure we read to you everyday.  And then there are the balls, we have about 54385 and you enjoy throwing them around.  Dad likes to impress you with his juggling skills. 

Recently you are a bit more clingy especially with me, this part of your normal development so we are not too bothered by it although it can get a bit much at times.   And you are “talking” we have BAH and MUM, and then a lot of other sounds.  MUM has nothing to do with me, you seem to say it when you are getting a bit upset (so maybe it has!). 

 Despite this being one of the hardest months for me I would not trade it in the world!  

All my love always,





9 Months

Dear Lani,

Yesterday you turned 9 months old.  You have now been out in this world for as long as I carried you… Crazy to think how fast things have gone!  

To celebrate your 9 months you decided to stay up half the night and scream and yet in the morning you were the perfectly happy and cheery baby you always are.   It’s OK, your dad and I both know that you do not do this on purpose and while we keep blaming teeth, you are still a toothless baby and will probably stay that way for some time. 

Your favourite thing to do at the moment is play with your ball and the radio.. your crawling is excellent but more and more you are trying to walk while holding on to the furniture.   While you do not talk constantly unlike me, you are making more and more sounds.  You have a fake cough that you do to get some attention, a laugh that seems pretty fake too and there is the occasional scream..  My favourite  thing is to hear you do your real laugh, it is the best sound ever. Luckily your dad is very capable of making you laugh all the time. 

As all the books say, you have become a bit more clingy towards me and weary of people you do not know. You actually cried for the first time at day care when I left you. Now we just get one of the cares to hold you and that seems fine.  When you are with your dad you are great! 

Reading books is another favourite past time.  You have 2 favourites, a dinosaur book and a zoo book.  So while you read those, I read the Hairy Mclary ones to you.  I do think that you like them too, they are just less interactive.   

It is amazing to see you grow up into this happy healthy soon to be toddler.  Everyday your dad and I realise how lucky we are to have you in our lives and we love seeing you discover the world. 

All my love,